About Us

H. JACOB Rc.: 419658

H. Jacob And Co Manufacturing Industries Limited was incorporated under the companies and allied matters  Act of 1990 on the year 17th of July 2001.

This company was registered with customers in view.

It was our interest to serve the teeming population of new smart builders emerging from the boom of the 90’s in Nigeria and closer African countries.

We are still glad to note that we serve more people today than many competitors who started decades before we came on board.

Our Orientation

We have always believed that finishing a building project is one of the most challenging aspect. Think about clothing a very beautiful girl with a sack bag.

Based on this ideology, the H. Jacob Company took up the concept of educating builders on the best materials towards finishing.

We help them find what is best for their project.

We spend our time to visit sites and to isolate what will bring out the best in any building project.

Our Prices

We have set a very competitive price set that no competitor can ever meet.

Our goal here is too fold.

We want to keep the customers happy by giving them very good quality at very good price.


We want to help them keep their clients returning every time.

Our Goal

Our goal is to sustain the best quality of building materials that money can buy and at the best of prices

What We Do

We engage in the following businesses:
Import and Export of goods
General Contractors
Manufacturers Representatives

Other Service Include:
Importation, sales and distribution of building material such as
(1) various kind of suspended ceiling material
(2) security wires
(3) plaster of Paris pop.
(4) Grids etc.

We also import and sell
Grid PVC Panel,
Gypsum Board of all kinds and
Sisal Fibre for foundry moulds.

We handle the installation of suspended ceiling of all kinds,

Apart from selling professional building materials and finishers, we pioneer the best of house builders.